Final essays - Summer 2006

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Essay writing guide + Essay assessment form (marking sheet)

Ambra  Barboni     Legal means of protection of minority languages in Italy          (first draft)

                            assessment sheet of essay by Karolina (Registered partnership)

Ophelie Bernecker    Is it necessary to develop affirmative action in France?          (first draft)

                               assessment sheet of AA by Emilie

Julie Bjerre    National identity, mother tongue education & minorities (first draft)

Tomáš Břicháček     "Affirmative action in the USA - theoretical questions"    (first draft)

                                assessment sheet of AA by Emilie

Celine Colpart and Constance Laparra     Discrimination in France: The problem of North African community  (first draft)

                                 assessment sheet

Anna Drygalska     The Promised Land? Immigration of Latin Americans to United States           (first draft)

Juliette Franquet    Managing Diversity     (first draft)

                                 assessment sheet

Karolina Gujda    Legal situation of homosexuals in Czech Republic and Poland against a background of European law and situation in other countries                           (first draft)

Eric le Guyader    Multiculturalism - French riots         (first draft)

                                    assessment sheet

Bernd Ostermayer    St. Patrick's Day in the USA How the Immigrants' Culture became popular    (first draft)

                                     assessment sheet of essay by Karolina

Emilie Skyebjerg    Have Affirmative action improved minorities’ position in US?  (first draft)

                                     assessment sheet

Gudrun Tenschert    The Situation of Migrant Children at Schools in Germany: Problems and Perspectives  


student assessment summary