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MM 202 Multiculturalism in Western Europe and North America

Summer 2006  



Lecture materials (in ppt) 




I. Theoretical framework


 Week 1 (23.2.)     Introduction to the course and terminology
		additional reading: Article on race& ethnicity (doc)
Week 2 (2.3.)	Multiculturalism
		Hw on Nacirema
 Week 3 (9.3.)	Racism(s)
		Hw: Vocabulary on discrimination (handout)

II. Policy implications

 Week 4 (16.3.)	Migration-Asylum Nexus
		articles on asylum trends
Week 5 (23.3.)      Blue Eyed (video cum discussion)
		short annotation is available here
Week 6 (30.3.)     Definitions and forms of discrimination; institutional racism

                                notes on the directive

                                notes on institutional racism

                                Case study 1 -  Access to public services

                                Case study 2 -  Access to employment

                                Case study 3 -  Education


 Week 7 (6.4.)     	Legislative framework: international instruments 
III. Minority Case study
Week 8 (13.4.)     	The Roma Road (video cum discussion)
                             	article on the film by Jan Čulík , Czech version is available here
                             	some press coverage in UK
                             	and again Jan Čulík     
Week 9 (20.4.)   	Case Study: The Roma/ Gypsies/ Travellers 
 IV. Country Case studies
Week 10 (27.4.) 	UK, Czech Republic ppt 
	  article on UK schools
			overview of UK statistics	
			Homogenisation of CZ
Week 11 (4.5.)    	Canada
		Note on Irish in Canada in Wikipedia 
Week 12 (11.5.)	Immigration of Latinos to US by Anna Drygalska
		the Netherlands



Welcome || Syllabus || Lectures || Writing guide || Previous years || Summary