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Jean Monnet Module 2005/06

European policy and practice towards ethnic minorities

Lecture materials

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Unit 1:    Introduction & terminology

Unit 2:    Liberal theory of Minority Rights, Myth on Neutrality of the State and Ethnocultural Justice - Selma Muhic

Unit 3:    Terminology – cont.  (ethnicity, race, identity, multiculturalism, racism, discrimination)

Homework on Nacirema

Unit 4:    Multiculturalism, identity and politics

Presentation by Julia Scheffler on Rex

Unit 5:    State response to minority groups requirements. Impact of  Liberalism Communitarianism Debate – Selma

Unit 6:  Definitions and forms of discrimination; institutional racism

Unit 7:    Policies twds minorities in former Ex Yu -  Selma Muhic    

Unit 7 Required readings:     

 Unit 8:   Legislative framework

                    Presentation by Marek Mikus on Benhabib


Unit 9:    Equal opportunity policy /positive action in law and policy


                    Law ppt

                    From Law to Practice

                    Case study 1 -  Access to public services

                    Case study 2 -  Access to employment

                    Case study 3 -  Education


                     Written homework


                    ICARE Article on EO in France


                    additional text on FCNM ( cf. ppt Unit 8)



Unit 10:    The Roma Road (video cum discussion) 

		article on the film by Jan Čulík , Czech version is available here
		some press coverage in UK
                             	and again Jan Čulík     
Unit 11:  	The Roma (ppt)
	handout in doc
	Activity: Diamond Ranking





Welcome || Syllabus || Outline || Lecture materials || Student essays