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Jean Monnet Module 2005/06

European policy and practice towards ethnic minorities

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Essays in alphabetical order -

Julien André - vide Timothée Demeillers 

Marion Bouchaud:  Positive action in France     

Timothée Demeillers and Julien André: The banlieues and the failure of the French policy of integration

Marie Drápalová: The Politics of Social Exclusion  

Carsten Grønholdt: The Recognition of Immigrants in Denmark

Regina Haas: The Concept of  Equal Opportunities and its implications for France     

J. Sebastian Jaramillo Salazar:   The Case of the Colombian migration and minority in Ecuador

Elena Malasauskaite : “Northern Jerusalem”: Vilnius’ Jewish Community Then and Now

Marek Mikuš:  "Ethnic or Social/Cultural?”The Romani Nationalism in Trap of Discursive Intensification (not on line)  

Kieran Mulhall:  Should we have learned from the L.A. riots, will we learn from the French riots, and what are the consequences for the Roma in the Czech Republic?

Camille Neyhouser: Airport transit lounges in France: bordering on humanity

Matthias Nienkämper:  Jewish Migration to Germany after 1989  (not on line) 

Jill Pace: An Examination of Detention Policies of the UK and US 

Julia Scheffler: Welcomed or Rejected? The situation of Turks in Germany

Miroslava Snopèoková: European citizenship and third-country nationals: what relationship? 

Indrė Šegždavièiūtė: Russian speaking minorities in Estonia: exclusion, integration or assimilation?

Lorène Touchet: Human rights: between universalism and cultural relativism



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Final versions are in bold

Article: Birch, Anthony (1989) Nationalism and National Integration, London: Unwin Hyman Ltd, chapter 4: National integration, p. 49

AQCI by  Marek Mikus, Regina Haas, Marie Drápalová, Carsten Grønholdt


Article:  Van den Berghe, Pierre: “Does race matter?”, text 9, in Hutchinson, John, Smith Anthony, eds. (1996) Ethnicity, Oxford- New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 57-63

AQCI by  Jill Pace, Timothée Demeillers, Indre Segzdaviciute, Carsten Grønholdt


Article: John Rex (2001) “The concept of a multicultural society“ in Guibernau, Montserrat and Rex, John (eds.): The Ethnicity  reader, Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Migration, Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, pp. 205-220

AQCI by Julia Scheffler

Article: Kuper, Leo (2001) “Plural Societies” in Guibernau, Montserrat and Rex, John (eds.): The Ethnicity  reader, Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Migration, Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

AQCI by Mirka Snopèokova, Jill Pace, Timothée Demeillers


Article: Parekh, Bhikhu (2000) Rethinking Multiculturalism: Chapter 7: The Political Structure of Multicultural Society

AQCI by Julia Scheffler, Carsten Grønholdt, Marie Drápalová


Article: Brubaker, Rogers, “Civic and ethnic nations in France and Germany”, text 28. in Hutchinson, John, Smith Anthony, ed. (1996) Ethnicity, Oxford - New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 168-173

AQCI by Mirka Snopèoková, Camille Neyhouser - excellent paper, please have a look :-), Regina Haas


Article: Benhabib, Seyla (2002) The Claims of Culture. Equality and Diversity in the Global Era. Princeton, USA- Woodstock, UK: Princeton University Press, preface plus pp. 1-48

AQCI by Marek Mikus & long version  by Marek (4 pages) that is worth reading if you had problems understanding the text


Article:  Kymlicka, Will (2001) ”Western Political Theory and Ethnic Relations in Eastern Europe”, in Kymlicka, Will, Opalski, Magda (eds.) Can Liberal Pluralism be Exported? Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.13 – 103

AQCI by Indre Segzdaviciute


Article: Okely, Judith (1997) “Some political consequences of theories of Gypsy ethnicity. The place of the intellectual”  in James, Alisson et al. (eds) After Writing Culture. Epistemology and Praxis in Contemporary Anthropology, London: Routledge

AQCI by Jill Pace


Article: Bagihole, Barbara (1997) Equal Opportunities and Social Policy: Issues of gender, race and disability, London: Longman, Chapter two: What is Equal Opportunities? pp. 31-47

AQCI by Julia Scheffler, Marie Drápalová


Article: Varady, Tibor (2001), in  Kymlicka, Will, Opalski, Magda (eds.) Can Liberal Pluralism be Exported?, Oxford: Oxford University Press 

AQCI by Marion Bouchaud

Article: Richmond, Anthony (1994) Global Apartheid, Toronto: Oxford University Press (pp.1-45) 

AQCI by Indre Segzdaviciute


Article: Hancock, Ian (2000) “The Consequences of Anti-Gypsy Racism in Europe” in Other Voices. The (e)Journal of Cultural Criticism, v. 2, n.1 (February 2000), http:// www.othervoices.org/2.1/hancock/roma.html

AQCI by Regina Haas, Mirka Snopèoková


 Document: UNDP (2003) The Roma in Central and Eastern Europe, UNDP. http://roma.undp.sk

AQCI by Marion Bouchaud


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