Students Assignments


Final Essays:


Magid Alawad: Roma Exodus

Christoffer Andersen: Roma in Romania: Diversity, Injustice and Prospective Integration.

Saso Belovski: Racism - The Future  

Sarah Bentley:  Irregular Migration

Petr Kosvanec: Pre-secondary Education of Roma in the Czech Republic

Kostadin - essay not available in e-format by end 2003

Leo Unkel: European Union and Immigration




Magid Alawad on Hancock

Magid Alawad on Okely

Magid Alawad on Thornberry


Chris Andersen on Berghe- not available

Chris Andersen on Hancock

Chris Andersen on Kymlicka


Saso Belovski - not available


Sarah on Brubacker - not available

Sarah on Kymlicka 1

Sarah on Kymlicka 2


Kostadin - not available


Petr Kosvanec on Hechter in Richmond 

Petr Kosvanec on Bagilhole

Petr Kosvanec on Hancock

Petr Kosvanec on Okely


Leo Unkel on  Brubacker

Leo Unkel on Fanon and Malik

Leo Unkel on Malik


Test /Homework



Chris + Leo



Petr - test delivered in class