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PhDr Laura Laubeova

Laura graduated in Education and Psychology (MA, 1985) at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague where she also obtained a Philosophiae Doctoris degree (PhDr) in 1986. She has been active in several non-governmental organisation since 1990, served as an Executive Director of the New School Foundation aiming to improve education of Romani children and currently is chairing an international network Globea - Transborder Initiative for Tolerance and Human Rights. She was a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge (1997/98) and University of Oxford (2002 and 2004). Since 1999 she has been lecturing at the Charles University focusing on multiculturalism and minorities. More information about Laura can be found on her personal pages.

Contact details: laubeova(at)fsv.cuni.cz



Mgr. Selma Muhic-Dizdarevic, PhD candidate

Having gained her MA in Political Philosophy from the University of Belgrade, Selma worked for three years in the non-profit sector as an assistant for an international project on forced migration. She is now a PhD candidate at the Department of Public and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, concentrating her research on immigration policies and also works at the Public Sector Department, Faculty of Humanities, both at the Charles University.






Kimberly Strozewski, PhD candidate

Kim graduated with a Dual M.A. in History and Slavic Area Studies from the Ohio State University in 2001. Her research focuses on the experience of Roma in the Protectorate of Bohemia during the Second World War. While completing coursework towards her Ph.D. in Central/East European History at the University of Michigan, Kim worked as an instructor for courses on the Holocaust and World War II as well as European History. She was the recipient of the Vaclav Havel Fellowship in Czech Studies in 2001, a FLAS Polish language fellow in 2000, and a FLAS Czech language fellow in 1997. She has lived and researched in Prague, Krakow, and Budapest and has volunteered at the Center for Romani Culture in Poland (Centrum Kultury Romow) and has worked as a research consultant for the European Roma Rights Center. She is now completing her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University on the Romani Holocaust and is the Resident and Academic Director of the CET Academic Programs (Jewish and Central European Studies).

Contact details: cetprague(at)fhs.cuni.cz



Gabriela Hrabanova


Gabriela holds a BA in Sociology and Politics from the Anglo-American College in Prague and is currently involved in an online Romani Diplomacy course offered by the European Roma Information Office. She is the Executive Director of Athinganoi, an association of Romani high-school and university students based in Prague, a member of the Committee for the Decade of Romani Inclusion at the Czech Governmental Council for the Affairs of the Romani Community and a member of the Delegation of Romani NGOs to the Decade in the Czech Republic. Previously Gabriela worked on Romani projects of the Czech Ministry of Education and spent two years in Bulgaria working as a technology consultant (eRider) for Romani NGOs within the Romani Information Project in Sofia.



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