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Winter 2006/2007



From 1st November 2006 all course materials are available only on Moodle. This page will no longer be updated.


All required and optional readings can be accessed on-line via our password-protected site: http://romaonline.fsv.cuni.cz/readerSM628.htm

 Please see Laura for the username and password.

1. General background

Session 1 Introduction to the course and terminology

This introductory lecture provides a background framework for the course in terms of the key terminology, core issues in the area of minority studies, and the need for an interdisciplinary approach.

Power Point lecture notes can be downloaded here 

Session 2 Issues of multiculturalism

The session will provide and overview  of definitions and theories of multiculturalism  with focus on  identity politics, state responses to minority groups requirements and  will present background for the Liberalism Communitarianism Debate and its impact

Power Point lecture notes can be downloaded here

Homework on Nacirema. Please read the text and fill in your answers at  the end of it.

Sessions 3 - 4 Defining discriminations and racisms & European legal framework

The session  focuses on the complexity and various forms of discrimination and racism and  thus serves as an introduction to the  European legislative framework and relevant international instruments 

Power Point lecture notes on discrimination and EO  can be downloaded here

Power Point lecture notes  on legal fremework can be downloaded here

OSCE headline on Crime


Welcome | Syllabus | Lecture materialsStudent work