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All required and optional readings can be accessed on-line via our password-protected site: http://romaonline.fsv.cuni.cz/readerSM628.htm.  Please see Laura for the username and password.


Assessment Forms

AQCI marking sheet for self- and peer-assessment work

Field visit report marking sheet. Fieldwork guidelines can be viewed or downloaded here

For those who can not participate in the field visit:  Essay marking sheet Essay writing guidelines can be viewed or downloaded here

Marking guidelines (scale)

Student work 

Winter 2006/2007

Draft versions of AQCIs, Field visit reports, Student presentations are available at  http://romaonline.fsv.cuni.cz

 ... and from 30 October 2006 also at http://dl.cuni.cz

Sample AQCIs:

Birch by Chris

Brubaker by Chris

Eriksen by Chris.

Thornberry by Ilyana, by Valerie

VanDerBerghe by Holly, Kate, Valerie


Final essays: 

Successes and Failures of Irish Governmental Policies on the Discrimination of Travellers by Holly

Coverage of Roma and Travellers in the Czech and Irish National Media by Kate


Improving the monitoring of the Czech National Action Plan for the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015) by Moira Difelice


Field visit Reports will be available only at  http://romaonline.fsv.cuni.cz


Country case studies (student presentations): 

The Netherlands 


Roma in Turkey

The Roma in Slovakia

History of discrimination in Canada 

An Examination of Ethnicities in the United States




Examples of student essays can be accessed  at





Welcome || Syllabus || Lecture materials ||  Student work || Back home