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'European Policy and Practice towards the Roma'

Summer term 2004/2005


This page is intended for the use of students enrolled in SM 629 European Policy and Practice towards the Roma at the Department of Public and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, which is supported by the Curriculum Development Competition, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and by the European Comission within the framework of Jean Monnet Action.

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This page contains:

  • Noticeboard with important notices regarding the course;
  • A detailed syllabus of the course including administrative details of the course, course timetable, aims of the course and teaching objectives, course structure, assessment, course outline (with a short introduction to each lecture topic) and a reading guide. On-line readings can be assessed directly from the syllabus page by clicking on the relevant links.


Please note that due to the inability of Eva Sobotka to lecture this term, we have to introduce the following changes to the course schedule:

The second part of our course -- Country case studies -- starts in Week 6 (30 March) with the "Eastern Europe -- case study on former Yugoslavia (Background, Policy and Practice)" lecture, delivered by Selma Muhic.

The third part of our course -- Conclusions -- starts in Week 10 (27 April) with the "Preconditions for Romani Integration" lecture, delivered by Assistant Professor Michal Vasecka, which was originally planned for week 11 (4 May). Please prepare the required readings listed under this topic.

The final topic of the course (before the conclusion and review class on 18 May) will be "Poverty and Romani Ethnicity in Central and Eastern Europe", delivered by Professor Janos Ladanyi. Given the short notice of this change (a late confirmation that Eva Sobotka is unable to lecture in May), no new list of readings will be prepared. You may still write AQCIs on readings listed under Eva Sobotka's topic.

We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion caused and hope that you will share our opinion that these changes in schedule were worth introducing in order to fulfill our goal of bringing three top class guest speakers to lecture in our course. If you are in touch with any of your classmates who might not be aware of this change, please pass the message on.



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